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Watch: The dirty side of El Clasico: Top fights between Real Madrid and Barcelona

It’s entertaining. It’s feisty. It’s violent. It’s about winning and it’s about winning dirty. The stage is set for the El Clasico again. Real Madrid and Barcelona are ready to lock horns in a La Liga game at Camp Nou. The last time the Spanish giants crossed paths was in April eariler this year. So before you watch the world’s greatest football rivalry ever, here’s a sneak peek at the dirty side of this bitter contest.

It was no surprise. El Clasico and derbies are meant to be heated one. That’s what fans expect from these matches. You don’t want to watch this season Merseyside derby again played at Goodison Park, because it was a dull affair. You like the derbies and El Clasico to grab the attention in every sense. There must be cards, sending-offs and heated conversation.

Players do carry away themselves in non-nonsensical behaviors, but yesterday El Clasico was the epitome of dirty behaviors. The credit must goes to the match referee as well as he allowed the things to go worse not warning the players in initial minutes. Hernandez Hernandez allowed the players to go in initial brawl when Jordi Alba and Luka Modric misbehaved and it took worse toll later.

Sergio Roberto sending off helped him to calm the situation as Barcelona take the lead in second-half with a man down. It was a good match and referee did right things to calm the situation. Real Madrid must have had penalty but Marcelo and Gareth Bale should have been sent off as well.

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